Help! Where Do We Begin? – A Beginner’s Guide to MOC
Help! Where Do We Begin? – A Beginner’s Guide to MOC

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Approaching MOC may seem daunting for accredited CME providers, many of whom are already working in departments that are under-resourced and/or understaffed. Further, some CME professionals are simply being tasked to “start doing MOC.” While a CME program or individual CME professionals may be interested in integration of MOC with their existing CME program, many don’t readily know where to start or what changes might need to occur to the planning process. 
This session aims to provide a practical approach for CME professionals to 1) engage with the MOC requirements across those boards currently collaborating with the ACCME – ABIM, ABP, ABA and ABPath and 2) begin to develop a plan for integrating MOC into their current CME program. 

The session is targeted primarily at those individuals who are new to CME and/or those who may be more experienced in CME but are not yet familiar with MOC. 


Carlye Armstrong, Director of Operations at AOE Consulting; Sarah Porter, Program Manager at AOE Consulting

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