Best Practices by the Accredited Provider, for the Accredited Provider
Best Practices by the Accredited Provider, for the Accredited Provider

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What does best practice in continuing medical education mean to your program? What benchmarks do you and your program use to determine educational success? Come and learn from a group of educational practitioners on examples provided where programs have encountered challenges, yet celebrated successes achieved. Information will be shared on optimal, yet practical, instructional design and principles used that have all the ingredients to positively influence the healthcare system. Assess how professional educators use a variety of benchmarks, such as accreditation and commendation criteria to leverage their program in the healthcare system. Learn from educational delivery examples shared on how to address care coordination, implementing change, improve teamwork, develop future leaders, drive clinical behavior change, and address system-based performance improvement. 


Ed Dellert, RN, MBA, CAE, CHCP, Chief Policy and Learning Officer, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy; Gayla Bruner, BSN, RN, CHCP, Director, Continuing Medical Education, Memorial Hermann Health System; Ailene Cantelmi, MFA, Director, Educational Development, The France Foundation; Hilary Schmidt, PhD, Co-Founder, Callibre Institute for Quality Medical Education

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