Bridging Core Competencies and Outcomes Measurement Together
Bridging Core Competencies and Outcomes Measurement Together

Target Audience
This presentation is targeted to physicians and CME professionals, within all provider groups and at all levels of experience, who are interested in developing a comprehensive outcomes program within their institution.

This activity will help participants advance from evaluating their CME activities to initiating Level 3 and Level 4 outcomes measurements.

Upon conclusion of this presentation, participants should be able to:
1. Recognize that the focus of CME will transition to competency-based activities
2. Examine how educational activities can be evaluated and measured
3. Formulate a plan to develop a comprehensive outcomes program in their CME organization.

Effectively evaluating professional competency and assessing accountability of physicians have long been major challenges in CME. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) identified six core competencies in 1999 for resident education. These same initiatives have been implicated recently in a new focus for enhancing professional competence: to guide and direct the development of continuing medical education programs for physicians. CME is faced with the daunting task of producing and implementing an evaluation mechanism that measures physician competency and, ultimately, its impact on physician practice and patient care.

To demonstrate an example of how a comprehensive outcomes program can be developed and implemented within a CME institution.

A flow chart is used to describe how a comprehensive outcomes program is being developed and implemented with the Mayo School of CME. Sample outcomes materials are also included.

Key Points
Outcomes are a very important component of the CME mission, and are built into all aspects of the planning and approval processes. The use of standardized, yet flexible processes and tools, based on outcomes principles, keeps the focus on the ultimate needs of the patient. Training, education, and marketing of outcomes throughout the organization is essential for consumer buy-in and results. Understanding the components and costs/efforts to complete outcomes allows for an effective and efficient overall education program.

Expected Outcomes
Participants will be able to develop and implement a comprehensive outcomes program within their CME institution that measures physician competency.

Key Words
Outcomes, reaction, learning, behavior, results, measurement, and evaluation

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