DIA Speaker Series Webinar with Dr. Kali Cyrus
DIA Speaker Series Webinar with Dr. Kali Cyrus

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Title: Approaches to Incorporating Social Justice & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) topics into CE 

Now more than ever, medical educators are expected to disseminate information in a balanced way that includes the way differences in identity influence topics of interest. The concepts of cultural competency, social justice, and anti-discrimination are no longer siphoned off as separate courses, but are more effective when integrated throughout educational programs for medical professionals.

You should attend this talk to learn how you too can incorporate more inclusive perspectives into medical education and ultimately, deliver a more well rounded presentation that meets the needs of the diversity we see across populations. 

Join Kali Cyrus, MD MPH, Psychiatrist, Consultant, and Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Medicine as she discuss how to:

  • Identify at least one personal factor that may influence the sense of difficulty or ease of including social justice or DEI concepts in educational programs.
  • Understanding intersectionality and its applications to educational design that integrates the perspective of various identities.
  • Brainstorm one idea for a talk for your specialty that addresses learning objectives and includes applications to at least one marginalized identity.

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