Webinar - Keeping Up with a Moving Target: "Just-In-Time" medical education in the COVID-1
Webinar - Keeping Up with a Moving Target: "Just-In-Time" medical education in the COVID-1

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Speaker: Dean Beals, CEO, DKBmed

With contradicting evidence from global, federal, and state levels, clinicians need a reliable, up-to-date resource for emerging information. On March 18, DKBmed, the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM), the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing (IJHN), FreeCME, and ArcheMedX co-produced a live webcast. With very little time, no external funding, and a short window for recruitment, the program was broadcast to more than 4,500 clinicians eager for information on how to best prepare themselves for the coming pandemic.

This session will feature the key stakeholders that developed this program (and the learners that benefited) in a panel discussion about developing useful education for a range of learners on the front lines of a health emergency unlike anything that has been seen in over 100 years. We will discuss the insights revealed by data from the enduring program powered by ArcheMedX and how crucial confidence is when developing just-in-time education. Following the panel, we will share a series of case studies. Participants will have time to plan their own educational program during a health emergency and share with the group, applying the learning gained during the presentation.