Webinar: Budgeting in Uncertain Times
Webinar: Budgeting in Uncertain Times

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Target Audience

Healthcare continuing professional development professionals involved in budgeting and financial management within their organization, regardless of setting/type.



Your healthcare continuing professional development (CPD) organization has been highly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  You have lost or delayed revenue.  You may have incurred higher expenses as you pivoted to providing the needed education for clinicians on this novel virus and the disease states it causes.  You may have had to furlough or terminate key staff and may now not be able to rehire these same talented people.

As someone involved in budgeting or financial planning for your CPD organization, how do you respond?  How do you adjust in the short term? How do you plan for an uncertain future of economic recovery for society and the strong possibility of yet another wave of the pandemic?

The webinar  brings together panelists from varying CPD practice settings to share their ideas and advice.  They represent a variety of settings: a successful medical education company executive, the head of IME at a pharmaceutical manufacturer, the head of the CME office at an academic medical center, and a medical specialty society executive, who also happens to be vice president of the Alliance. The panel discussion is moderated by Michael Lemon, a recognized national leader in the healthcare CPD space.


Educational Objectives

After completing this webinar participants will be better able to:

  • Identify priorities for funding within their CPD related organization over the next 18 months
  • Develop income/expense plans to address various possible scenarios that may face a CPD organization in the next 18 months
  • Communicate outcomes of this process to stakeholders


This activity addresses the following components of the Alliance Educating the Educator Curriculum:

 Core Competencies - Healthcare Environment:

  • Recognize the problems, barriers and opportunities that current healthcare trends present in designing and delivering effective CPD programs

Specialized Competencies – Manage and Administer a CPD Program

  • Develop a budget that accommodates the needs of all stakeholders involved and the appropriate time needed for all tasks associated with the activities
  • Define the budget requirements and develop a final budget, working with clinical departments, collaborators, and partners

Specialized Competencies - Leadership

  • Examine industry trends and market needs to define new directions and strategic growth plans for CPD department