On-Demand Webinars

Our on-demand webinars feature knowledgeable speakers who discuss relevant topics targeted to CEhp professionals at all levels. Alliance members receive a discounted rate. Not a member? Join today!

Please note: On-demand webinars are pre-recorded and available for unlimited viewings for a 90-calendar day period, beginning the date of purchase. You will be able to immediately access the recording/accompanying slides. Access instructions will be provided in your automated purchase confirmation. If you choose to pay by check, access will not be granted until the check payment has been received and deposited.

The dates listed below are the original live date of the webinar. Each webinar is approximately one (1) hour. To find out more information for a particular webinar, including speaker(s) and session description, click on the purchase webinar recording button. 

Alliance On-Demand Webinar Offerings
December 8, 2020 Pivoting Pitfalls: Assessment in the Digital Age Purchase Webinar Recording
November 5, 2020 {Sponsored Content}: AMA Ed Hub: A Case of Catalytic Collaboration and Digital Transformation Enabling Content Equity Across the Continuum View Webinar Recording
October 20, 2020 Effective Communication in the Age of COVID-19 Purchase Webinar Recording
October 6, 2020 Keep Calm and Carry On - Planning for the Unexpected and Managing the Fallout Purchase Webinar Recording
September 29, 2020 Keeping Up with a Moving Target: "Just-In-Time" medical education in the COVID-19 Era Purchase Webinar Recording
September 15, 2020 The Value of Small Group Distance Learning In the Context of COVID-19 Purchase Webinar Recording
September 8, 2020 Pivoting Pitfalls: Instructional Design Purchase Webinar Recording
July 29, 2020 Budgeting in Uncertain Times Purchase Webinar Recording
July 21, 2020 Pivoting Pitfalls: How to Continue Engaging your Supporters Purchase Webinar Recording
April 7, 2020 Case Studies of CME/CE in a Time of Social Distancing Purchase Webinar Recording
November 19, 2019 {Members Only} Nailed It! Fine Tuning Your Communication and Presentation Skills for Maximum Impact View Webinar Recording
October 8, 2019 {Members Only} Leading Effective Volunteer Committees: Tips for Success View Webinar Recording
October 2, 2019 Interrupting Their Forgetting Curve: Practical, Evidence-Based Tips for the Educational Designer Purchase Webinar Recording
September 19, 2019 Common Pitfalls and Missed Opportunities in CE Instructional Design: A Focus on Easy and Cost-effective Solutions Purchase Webinar Recording
September 10, 2019 {Members Only} A Closer Look at Communication: Fundamental Knowledge and Skills View Webinar Recording
August 28, 2019 Help! Where Do We Begin? – A Beginner’s Guide to MOC Purchase Webinar Recording
July 16 and July 30, 2019 Best Practices by the Accredited Provider, for the Accredited Provider Purchase Webinar Recording
November 7, 2018 It’s Not Just About Looking for a Job: Using LinkedIn for Personal and Professional Development Purchase Webinar Recording
May 17, 2018 ABMS Continuing Certification Directory Purchase Webinar Recording
August 22, 2017 Aligning QIE with Existing Health System QI Efforts – A Heart Failure Case Study  Purchase Webinar Recording
May 3, 2017 CMS Priorities, MACRA, and the Quality Payment Program Purchase Webinar Recording
April 13, 2017 Understanding the “Why”: Using Predictive Modeling to Inform Outcomes Purchase Webinar Recording
December 13, 2016 CME that Counts for ABA MOCA 2.0 and ABP MOC Purchase Webinar Recording
November 29, 2016 Defining and Articulating the Value of CPD: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective Purchase Webinar Recording
November 8, 2016 Low Cost Technology Tool: An undervalued option in CE Enterprise Purchase Webinar Recording
June 29, 2016 The Evolution of CME Purchase Webinar Recording
June 14, 2016 MACRA, MIPS and CME: Understanding and Promoting a Greater Role for CME in the New World of Value-Based Reimbursement Purchase Webinar Recording
March 3, 2016 ABMS MOC Directory Powered by MedEdPORTAL’s CE Directory Purchase Webinar Recording
December 3, 2015 Are We Running with Scissors: Lessons Learned from AQS Access Archived Webinar