About Us

Alliance Committees

  • Finance Committee

    Shall be responsible for assisting the Board of Directors in ensuring the fiscal health of the Alliance. The Finance Committee shall present a draft operational budget to the Board prior to the beginning of each fiscal year. (Bylaws Standing Committee)

  • Almanac Editorial Committee

    Responsible for writing, soliciting, and reviewing articles for the Almanac Hub as well as developing content consistent with editorial policy and membership's professional interests. 

  • Awards Committee

    Responsible for the annual nomination outreach to recognize exceptional continuing education professionals and leaders who are paving the way to improve patient care through education. Nominees whose exemplary work provides a model for teaching, learning, and leading in all healthcare professions are recognized at the Annual Conference.

  • Curriculum Oversight Committee

    Responsible for establishing the Alliance as the leader in driving excellence in continuous learning in healthcare together. Leads to the adoption and implementation of the learning strategy and the supporting curriculum. 

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Access Committee

    Represents diverse segments of the organization by addressing the issues and challenges they face in the continuing education field as well as creating opportunities for career advancement and leadership positions. 

  • Education Committee

    Responsible for ensuring professional development programming is on the leading edge of continuing education for the healthcare profession and aligned with the Alliance's National Learning Competencies. To nurture member professionalism, learning, and change through resources and benefits that add value to the member. 

  • Membership Committee 

    Engage in membership recruitment, engagement, and retention through creating a sense of community by serving as a resource during in-person meetings, facilitating membership sections, and special interest group communities both virtually and in-person in order to enhance the inter-professional membership experience. 

  • Nominating Committee 

    Responsible for interviewing and developing the slate of candidates from the Alliance membership to fill Director vacancies on the Board of Directors. 

  • Research Committee 

    Responsible for identifying knowledge gaps and providing guidance on study designs that examine the impact of continuing healthcare education activities and enhance the professional's knowledge, competence, and performance within the healthcare system.  

Event Committees

  • Annual Conference Committee
    To plan the Annual Conference, including instructional design, educational formats, learning needs, relevant content/topics for sessions, faculty identification, and other related conference planning such as keynote(s) identification. The committee additionally solicits for education session submission reviewers who identify and recommend premium educational and diverse content for inter-professional session selection. (Annual Conference Event Page)
  • Alliance Industry Summit (AIS) Committee
    To plan the annual AIS event, including instructional design, educational formats, learning needs, relevant content/topics for sessions, faculty identification, and other related event planning such as keynotes(s) selection. AIS is designed to meet the CPD needs of the IACE Member Section of Alliance and providers interested in connecting with IACE members. (AIS Event Page) 
  • CEhp Fundamentals Committee
    This committee develops content and learning experience for the CEhp Fundamentals eight-week, self-pace multi-media education programs designed to meet the needs of novice continuing education healthcare professionals (CEhp) from all backgrounds. (Fundamentals event Page) 

Questions? Contact us at acehp@acehp.org or (202) 367-1151.